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Sam Morrison Band

With the Pandemic in full force we are a true alternative to the normal routine. Working in Partnership with MindRAGEmusic Recording studio and Entertainment we can offer a lot to our musician friends, given the right precautions. Online Collaborations and video production are a couple of tools we have been developing for over a decade. While the studio may not be available (only under certain situations presently) the ability to have your mp3 and Mp4s matered is as easy as sending an email. If you have video or photos that you would like to use or we create one for you.

It's just a click of the keyboard away and we are so excited to hear your ideas and help to make your dream come true. Working with celebrities and agents behind the scene Mark Neuhart (AKA Austin Stone of: The Austin Stone Band) will help with ideas he has experienced. Louie Nunziato (Owner of MindRAGEmusic is also a muscian with his own band World in Pieces". Together these two will find the best sound and audience for your musical or commercial collaboration or video.

From time to time the opportunity to have an event may arise in the midst of this crisis. A show at a restaurant or a major concert venue and we will try to keep up with it. But above you will see a group of our favorite featured Artists. Previous guest on The Mark Neuhart Show or The Austin Stone LIVE Variety Show.

(An online radio show  from 2014). These are links to their websites and the most current information. Gunny Vee is in London UK Shelby Lee Lowe Is in Nashville Carl Wyatt is in Chapagne France along with Chris Dair. Carl Verheyen (You know him from Supertramp  - The Guitar in Bloody Well Right)~ California Joey Sykes from: The Baby's Walfredo Reyes from: The Band CHICAGO,

Suzanne Kramer and Michael McGovern, Sam Morrison Band! OAKLAND, Walter Trout and World in Pieces ~Phoenix Arizona Baby! Check in on them and follow on facebook when you can, Thanks for visiting my site and we look forward to the day when we can party side by side~ elbow to elbow once again ya'll. I believe and I hope you do too! ~ Mark Neuhart CEO PlayAM777

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Ginny Vee

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Mark Neuhart
Joey Sykes
Swimming fish Featured Guest on TMNS™


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Carl Wyatt
Carl Verheyen

Well right now I am gonna tell you the latest news is that we don't know what the news is. Just that we have faith that GOD will see us through this. Our people are of a like mind, and that is to improve our lives enrich our families as best we can with knowledge and faith and spirit. Without a strong faith in what you are doing? How can you hope to succeed? The promotions done for these artists is free from PlayAM777. We bring them to you our people for you to share and pass along to others of a like mind. I don't see ourselves as a country divided, rather as a country standing against a virus of people trying to destroy the good that has been done. Trying to erase history. Trying to use these issues like George Floyd  to do damage and loot in his name.   Music has always been a driving force in bringing our country out of ruin or disaster. Music has a way of telling the truth. When it rings true? The people can hear it. All of the Artists featured here are good people with good hearts and that is the only reason I pay to run this site and share what they are doing. I owe them more because they help- me grow. 

Shelby Lee Lowe
Walter Trout