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"It's never too late to take that first step toward your destiny"

-Rachel Grove, Blurb Founder


Mark Neuhart AKA Austin Stone was born in Tampa Fla and loved twice at birth. One of the famous "Dr. Constantina Babies" Mark was destined for a life time of excitement as he was adopted by a beautiful brunette Bombshell Helen Louise Toole. Raised in Tampa, Helen was also left as a young woman to her grandmother, as her own mother was sick. She adopted Mark from the day he was born, she was on the doctors list! Helen loved the little boy, and named him Benjamin Peter Wojat after the man who was supposed to also adopt Mark.

When too much time passed and he did not? Helen set out on her own, working curb service at The Big Orange and making sure Mark ate even when she didn't.

Soon after Helen met a handsome man who did adopt Mark,  and they changed his name! He was now to be: Mark Steven Neuhart.

In the years to follow  they lived a crazy life, but that's another story. 
Learning to sing from his mother teaching him as soon as he could talk.

 ...songs from Danny Thomas and Dean Martin at age 2 Mark was destined to be a musician and later in life the dream came true as after he had raised a family, he then remarried finding the time to learn and play the music professionally that had always been a hobby and a safe place to retreat.
Starting off learning to play the guitar by ear to the radio Mark soon graduated to the keyboard of which he found his tool for the making! Playing over 700 covers from memory and leaning to play blindfolded on two separate keyboards he is also a cut up and an entertainer. Teaching the elderly to play songs from the 30s and 40s was fun, doing events for causes,  and he also enjoys playing concerts for his friends on Duo and facetime. 

Among other things he has had a lifetime of many unusual jobs and career opportunities, from selling software to Bill Gates, and a freezer to an Eskimo, he has always had a knack for being in the game. He has always dreamed of playing the local club at night till closing, and waking to the sound of waves and seagulls.

A GOD following Man, he has the obligation to help others when things are going okay for him and his loving wife Anita and his dear little buddy Sir Winston Edward. He feels if he has the time? ...he can help others, "if" they ask! 

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